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How RanchHand Started

Mark Roshon first got involved in beef cattle management in 1999 through a phone call from Harold Bowman, the founder of CattlePro, while filling in for technical support for a friend’s company. The two immediately hit it off leading Mark to drive six hours the very next day so they could meet face to face and continue their conversation.

Mark could see that Harold was very passionate about helping to contribute to the livestock industry and Mark had a lifelong passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their goals and recognized that ranchers and ranches fit that characterization.

The two soon partnered up and set out to create the next generation of CattlePro software. They assembled a top-notch team that brought a wide range of skills and experiences from both the beef and technology industries.

Dawn Compton came to CattlePro as an early user in 1996. Through Harold’s persistent nature Dawn became an ongoing beta tester and provided frequent input on features.

Mike Igau first met Harold in 1992 at a BBU convention. This was pre-CattlePro as Harold was selling the DOS version of Red Wing software. Mike soon got involved in the initial development of CattlePro and became a report specialist while assisting with customer support.

By 2000 the new version, called CattlePro 2000, was released and quickly became the top beef cattle management program sold worldwide.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as Harold and Mark’s vision extended further than this recently developed program.

Sadly, Harold passed away in 2004. His family continued the business as Mark continued to support the Bowman family as needed and requested through many years. Mark also continued to focus on building and growing his software development company Tornado Technologies, which he started in 1996.

After Harold’s death, Dawn took on traveling to shows to market CattlePro as well as joining the customer support team. Mike joined her to work the Beef Cattle Short Course as exhibitors and continued with customer support and writing custom reports. Both have a natural commitment to the livestock community as both families have been Beefmaster breeders for many years.

Periodically Mark sought to revive that earlier vision but could never gain any traction. It became clear that Mark would have to jumpstart that pursuit with a new program.

Working together through the years, Mark and Dawn formed a close working relationship based on their commitment to the livestock industry to provide the most comprehensive data collection and record keeping system to date. It only made sense to bring in Mike as a report guru and to help with development.

Although Tornado has several very experienced software developers, Mark knew that Todd Niec, his Chief Technology Officer at Tornado, would be a great fit as the Chief Architect for RanchHand and all its data tracking and reporting needs.

RanchHand is the accumulation of true ranching experience and software development best practices built with passion, pride, and craftsmanship.We genuinely believe in the future of agriculture and are proud to offer you the tools to help you maximize the performance of your ranching operations.

Our Team Collectively Brings to the Table

Over 100 Years developing, using, and supporting Cattle Management Software Over 120 Years developing Software Programs Over 160 Years involved in the Beef Cattle Industry

Meet the Team

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