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Animal Detail

Detailed Breeding Records

Multiple breeding records and pregnancy checks are conveniently located on one screen to give insights on the current breeding season.

  • Current Breeding season conveniently summarized
  • Pasture Exposed, Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, Observed Bred
  • Unlimited Breeding records
  • Unlimited Pregnancy checks

Complete Progeny History

Display complete progeny of any adult animal.  Easily identify Embryo Transfers. Also tracks Recip ET Progeny.

  • Displays Sire ID, Dam ID, Donor ID, Recipient ID
  • Tracks Recip ET Progeny
  • Jump directly to any of the listed Calves
  • Performance summary for Progeny

Calfhood “Snapshot”

Our Calfhood Tab shows a helpful “snapshot” of Bull or Cow when it was a calf by including all calf records.

  • Birth Information
  • Weaning Information
  • Yearling Information

Comprehensive Health Records

A large number of fields allow for very detailed and accurate tracking of health treatments. All data fields are available in the reporting system (including any custom fields). Utilization of user defined fields allows faster data entry.

  • Common treatments preloaded in new installations
  • User defined fields for faster data entry
  • Retreat and Withdrawal Dates
  • Manufacturer information
  • Designed to help you be compliant with all BQA fundamentals
  • Unlimited Health Records


All calfhood weights and measures are stored as actual and adjusted including contemporary groups and frame scores if data is entered.

  • Actual and Adjusted Weights and Heights
  • Group Ratios
  • Frame Scores calculated with Heights
  • Unlimited Measurements

Purchases & Sales

Support for partnership cattle. Both purchases and sales are conveniently located on one screen. Standard Financial Reports are included and can be filtered by date range.

  • Tracks partnership Animals
  • Pricing by Weight, Hundredweight, or Total Sale Price
  • Flag Animals that are “For Sale” and can include “Asking” price

EPD Tracking (EPDs)

Extensive list of EPDs recognized for each breed preloaded into the program.

  • Additional EPDs can be added as Breeds recognize new trait information
  • Enter EPDs as individual or by group

Seven Generation Pedigree

Display animal’s pedigree showing from two to seven generations.

  • Display from 2 to 7 Generations
  • Easily resizable with mouse
  • Jump to any animal within chart for quick edits


Multi-Record Actions

Save time by performing operations on groups of animals.

  • Breeding Information
  • Calving
  • Calf Management
  • Health Treatments
  • Measurements & EPDs
  • Purchase or Sell
  • Location

Animal Grid

Easily view and access any animal from the Animal Grid. Use sorting, filtering, and/or searching to quickly narrow in on a specific group. Then take an Action, Print, or Edit the group.

  • Sortable columns
  • Search & Filter
  • Edit a specific Animal or group
  • Quickly select Action to take on selected Animals
  • Print reports on selected Animals

Unlimited Herds & Locations

Use Herds to organize or group your animals any way you want such as by family members. All Locations are available to any Herd.

  • Unlimited Herds
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Breeds
  • Additional Custom Fields and Notes are available for each record type.

Search and Filter Animals

Quickly find the Animals of interest.

  • Search by ID, Name, Registration, or EID
  • Filter by multiple fields such as Location and/or Animal Status
  • Filter by Animal Type

Inventory Filter

Quickly see a summary of your inventory broken down by location. Clicking on any cell shows those animals in the grid.

  • Display counts by Animal Type
  • Display counts by Age
  • Display counts by Animal Status


Breeding Reports

Display breeding data from upcoming due dates to complete breeding histories.

  • Current Due Dates
  • Pregnancy Checks
  • Breeding History

Herd Reports

Display entire inventory or a specific herd or location.

  • Entire Inventory
  • Cow Age & Status
  • Calf Age & Status

Health Reports

Display complete health treatment records.

  • Administration
  • Medicine (Mfr, Lot, cost, etc)
  • Retreat & Withdrawal Dates

Financial Reports

Report on any and all purchases and sales for your financial records.

  • Purchases & Sales (by Month)
  • Purchases & Sales (by Contact)
  • Consignment Sale
  • Purchased Animals Sold
  • “For Sale” Animals

Animal Detail Report

Display all data for each individual animal. Choose how much detail to display.

  • Breeding History
  • Progeny
  • Weights & Measures
  • Purchases & Sales
  • Health Records
  • EPDs
  • Custom fields (if defined)
  • Pedigree

Custom Reports

Custom Reports can be quickly created by RanchHand support team and immediately “dropped” into the program. You supply the need/imagination we supply the report. Any data entered into RanchHand is available for reporting including custom fields and note fields. We use the same built-in Custom Report Designer that will be released soon to all users.

  • Self-Designer – COMING SOON
  • Report-specific options such as a Date range
  • Use a Standard Report as a starting point for a new Custom Report


Extensive Custom Fields

Track any additional data you would like by utilizing powerful Custom Fields. Available on all Record Types, which means, you don’t have to use “generic” fields or notes for several pieces of information. Define one for a new Animal trait, a Health Treatment, or Semen record. Some Custom Fields could be specific to a Bull or Cow.

  • Available for ALL Record Types
  • All Custom Fields can be accessed from Custom Report Designer
  • Data Types of Text, Date, Date-Time, Check Mark, Integer, Decimal
  • Apply to specific Animal Types
  • Unlimited number of Custom Fields

International Measurement Options

Use your preferred measurement options.

  • Imperial or Metric Units
  • Pound or Kilogram Weights
  • Inch or Centimeter Heights
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperatures
  • Hundredweight Types of 100 Pound, 112 Pound, 50 Kg, or Custom

International Currency Options

Use your preferred currency option or even a custom Currency.

  • Us Dollars
  • Argentinian Peso
  • Brazilian Real
  • Custom Currency
  • Punctuated or Unpunctuated

User Defined Values

Setup user defined values for several fields to both personalize and speed up data entry. Add custom fields specific to any of these fields.

  • Herds & Locations
  • Breeds
  • Colors
  • Brands & Brand Locations
  • Breeders
  • Pregnancy Test Types
  • Add Custom Fields specific to any of these
  • Add Notes specific to a Herd or Location
  • Define Abbreviations to save space on Reports

User Defined Health Treatments

Setup user defined values for most aspects of your Health Treatments for quick data entry. Or use/modify preloaded values. Additional fields can be added with Custom Fields.

  • Health Treatments (ie Vira Shield 6, Deworm, etc)
  • Routes of Administration (ie Intramuscular, Subcutaneous, Pour On, etc.)
  • Treatment Sites (ie Ear, Shoulder, Neck, etc.)
  • Treatment Types (ie Antibiotic, Antiparasitic, Vaccine, etc.)
  • Manufacturers
  • Add Custom Fields specific to a Health Treatment
  • Add Notes specific to a Health Treatment

Multiple Breeds

Select from over 100 preloaded Breeds or define your own.

  • Unlimited number of Breed definitions
  • Use percentage of other Breeds for new Breeds
  • Milestone dates, Weight Adjustments, EPDs defined per Breed

Unlimited Timestamped Notes

All record types (Animals, Herds, Locations, etc) allow unlimited general timestamped notes to record any additional information you would like. Additionally, note fields are included with each specific record such as a Breeding, Pregnancy Check, Health Treatment, Purchase, Sale, and more. Allows entry of some “quick” notes without the use of a Custom Field.

  • All Record Types allow Unlimited Timestamped Notes
  • Animal Records
  • Herd & Location Records
  • Health Treatments
  • Semen Inventory Records


No Online Interruptions

RanchHand can run completely offline, so you can continue to do your work regardless of whether your Internet is currently unavailable.   New software updates may be downloaded when internet service is available or can be downloaded via other machines or even sent via offline methods.

Software Updates

We are constantly working on improving the RanchHand experience as well as add important features. Our customers want a software partner actively evolving to meet the growing and changing needs of the Ag World.

  • Minimum of one major software update per quarter

Unlimited Animals

RanchHand is the leading software of the cattle industry regardless of the number of cattle in your herd. Our program offers the same qualify performance no matter whether you have 10 or 10,000 head.

Backup & Restore Data

Save as many backups as you would like and restore at any time. Backups not only save animal data but there are options to save reports and configuration data as well.

  • Unlimited number of backups and restore
  • Data is privately stored on your computer

Instructional Videos

Get up and running quickly on RanchHand with our “How To” instruction videos or use as a quick reference.  We have over 50 videos organized into small quick segments covering general usage such as how to use the Animal Grid to specific operations such as adding a Breeding record.

  • Over 50 Videos
  • Short and Quick videos on specific operations
  • Available on YouTube or the RanchHand website

In-Program Help

Report on any and all purchases and sales for your financial records.

  • Purchases & Sales (by Month)
  • Purchases & Sales (by Contact)
  • Consignment Sale
  • Purchased Animals Sold
  • “For Sale” Animals

Unattended License Transfer

RanchHand may be installed on two computers but if you would like to use a new or different computer just use our license wizard to move your license to the desired computer at any time. Of course, if you would like us to guide you through this transfer process give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

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